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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Britain Talking Points

Formula 1: Britain Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 10 In Silverstone


1. What On Earth?

Real wheelbanging racing in a Formula 1 GP, whatever next? There was some genuine exciting racing, not just overtaking but also defending in that race, despite worries before it kicked off that it would be too difficult to overtake. There were dives underneath under braking and overtaking round the outside making it one of the best races for a long time. The question is why was it particularly good so they can ensure future races are just as good.


2. Bottas Unlucky

He did so well to get pole and then to take back the lead after Hamilton overtook him early on before Hamilton could get away, but it all went wrong for him when the safety car came out. Made the best he could of it by getting second though, once he had failed to get ahead after the safety car period.


3. Hamilton Breaking Records

He was excellent once again, gave Bottas real hassle when behind, harrassing him and forcing him to need to change tyres early, while managing to nurse his. That gave him the chance to hold out until the safety car and that was enough to give him the lead, a lead he never looked like giving up and set a record for British GP race wins. The most impressive part of the race though was that final lap record. Banging that in must be incredibly demoralising for everyone else, when his team were so worried about his tyres they were trying to get him to come in and change them.


4. Ferrari Strategy Mistakes Again

How many times can this happen before they start to learn their lessons? They keep messing up on strategy and it is ludicrous they can be so bad at making calls. Leclerc lost his chance to get second because of their errors. Instead of just pointing fingers and blaming each other, they should be examining each mistake and learning from it so they do not repeat them. Instead they make the same mistake over and over.


5. Leclerc And Verstappen

So good to see those two racing once more head to head in a genuine battle. It was good, hard racing, with Leclerc getting the chance to give Verstappen a bit back for the previous incidents. Really good stuff and hopefully it will continue for years to come.


6. Vettel Messes Up Again

Once more the German shows his fallibility when under pressure. How much longer can Ferrari back him as number one driver when he makes such senseless errors? Both he and Verstappen were lucky to be able to continue after Vettel smashed into the back of Verstappen. The good thing was Vettel was the one to lose out and Verstappen was able to continue without any real issues.


7. Pierre Gasly Finally Looks An F1 Driver

Must be because it is contract season in F1, only Gasly suddenly looks quick after a terrible start since stepping up from Toro Rosso. Maybe he can offer something to Red Bull after all.


8. Magnusson And Grosjean

The Haas duo did the unforgivable and crashed into each other ending their races. Right at the start as well. It was a terrible weekend for Haas, who were well off the pace all weekend, so maybe it was not such a bad thing, but it was embarrasing.

Written by Tris Burke July 14 2019 17:18:27