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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Hungary Talking Points

Formula 1: Hungary Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 12 In Hungaroring


1. Verstappen's First Pole

It has been a while coming, but I am sure it will not be the last time he starts a race from the front, though he very nearly lost it at the start, he did manage to do enough to hold his place. Good to see Red Bull and Honda get it together enough to make one car competitive, but you have to wonder is Verstappen just that quick that he is massively outperforming the car or is Gasly not good enough? Or is possibly just that everything is being thrown at Verstappen and Gasly is just using inferior machinery? Hopefully the latter, as that means we could get to watch a six car battle at the front when Gasly gets the same improvements.


2. Bottas

Once again Bottas showed a lack of genuine desire and fight which saw him let Hamilton past and put him in a position where Leclerc could go past. Though he cannot be faulted for Leclerc hitting him and breaking his wing, that was just a silly error from Leclerc. What he can be faulted for is his inability to find his way up from the back in convincing fashion. Other drivers know he will not be forceful, so they make it more difficult for him than it would be if it was the other Silver Arrow they were up against. What really confused me was why it took so long to get him in after damaging his wing? Whose decision was it for him to stay out so long? Whoever it was, that was nearly disastrous.


3. Albon & Kvyat

Nice to see some good clean racing between teammates that did not end up with the pair of them in pieces at the side of the track!


4. Ferrari

Why were they suddenly miles off the pace of the top 2? They were in their own little race, have they dropped that far behind or was it simply a track that did not suit their car? Finishing a minute behind, and very nearly lapped, is nothing short of embarrassing.


5. McLaren

On the other hand the McLaren team will be very happy, there are clear signs that they are moving forward and are beginning to stand clear as the 4th best team, with the ability to pick off any car from the top that has a bad day.


6. Williams

Nice to see their car showing signs of actually being competitive at last!


7. Hamilton

That drive to take the lead was incredible. I know Verstappen got the driver of the day, bizarrely, but the way Hamilton overhauled him and just kept pumping in faster and faster laps, then overtook him was just superb. It was a reminder that he is still the best driver in the field. Verstappen is the best of the next generation and he was soundly put in his place today. After the last race's error-strewn race he showed he still has it. A great strategy call from the team as well. It was nice to see a team just go for it, instead of making a driver stick to a delta time and eke out tyres and fuel. That is how F1 should be, drivers going all out to the limits of the machinery.


8. Overtaking

Even a track as difficult as Hungaroring is showing that the changes that were made improved matters with regards to overtaking. It has actually become a race once more after a difficult start to the season.

Written by Tris Burke August 04 2019 21:34:28