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Football News: Review Of The Day 22nd October 2018

Review Of The Day 22nd October 2018
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Review of the Day


Sons Appoint New Manager

Dumbarton have appointed Jim Duffy as their new manager and allowed caretaker manager Ian Durrant to leave the club. A Dumbarton statement read: "After an extensive, thorough and carefully-conducted recruitment process, Dumbarton FC are delighted to announce the appointment of Jim Duffy as our new first team manager. The 59-year-old, most recently manager of Greenock Morton, was the outstanding candidate among the array of those who applied for the prestigious job in the last week." I think only their official website would ever refer to the job as prestigious! Personally I would see it somewhere below train driver on the prestige scale, as no little boy grows up wanting to manage Dumbarton.


Sprint King Gets Mariners Offer

Fresh from turning down an offer from Maltese champions Valletta FC, Usain Bolt has another contract on the table, this time from Australian A-League side Central Coast Mariners. Bolt has been on a lengthy trial period with the Mariners and scored 2 goals for them in a friendly match recently.


Can May Face Thyroid Surgery

Juventus' summer signing from Liverpool, Emre Can has just won a place in the side only the discovery of a thyroid nodule to potentially put him out of action for an extended period. The German midfielder "will undergo clinical tests and investigations for a thyroid nodule that could also require surgical treatment." Thyroid nodules are solid or fluid-filled lumps that form within your thyroid gland, which is a small gland located at the base of your neck, just above the breastbone. Usually they are not serious and will only be noticed during a medical exam, however they can become large enough to be visible or make it difficult to swallow or breathe. It now looks like he will miss out on the mid-week Champions League clash with Manchester United.


And Finally.....

As it is a slow news day, time to drop in a couple of old anecdotes from the game:

Johan Cruyff was struggling to cope with Romario and Hristo Stoichkov while managing Barcelona, who both felt that they were too good to require coaching. The pair were arguing over who was the better footballer and so the boss of the team. Cruyff stepped in and told them both he was the boss as he was the man in charge, only to be mocked by the pair as an old man. The trio decided to prove who was the best with the time-honoured traditional proof of skill, the crossbar test. Ten shots from the edge of the box, player who hits the bar the most often wins. Stoichkov hit it twice. Romario managed three hits. Cruyff steps up and proceeds to hit the bar 6 times, only to be told he was lucky and the pair had just had an off day. With that Cruyff suddenly turned back around and hit one more shot, this time with his left foot, and struck the bar once more. Cruyff later said that last shot was his one lucky shot he took in his entire career.

Even in the past footballers were not always all that bright, Garrincha being a case in point. When a coach was talking to him about doing extra training with his left foot, Garrincha looked confused and asked why he needed to do that. When the coach told him that it would allow him to shoot with both feet, a confused Garrincha said, "but if I shoot with both feet I would fall over!" He was also remembered as being furious when he went to Sweden for the 1958 World Cup with Brazil as he bought a radio there and all the channels were Swedish. He sold the radio straight away as nobody had told him that the radio would only speak Swedish.

Jason McAteer probably takes the biscuit for saying and doing stupid things, from shouting "One hundred and eighty" at the top of his voice at a famous snooker player, to asking which colour, brown or red, when asked to pass the ketchup. There was also the time he locked his keys in his car and, when a friend who was trying to help him asked for a coathanger, brought out a wooden one. There was also the time when a clearly puzzled McAteer was John Barnes assistant at Tranmere Rovers and was just stood staring at the opposition line-up on the tactics board. After being unable to figure it out for himself, McAteer turned round and asked why there was no one on their left side? It was Craig Noone, their star player, on the left.

And just to end it, here is one for our resident Blackpool fan Ed003. When Preston North End were relegated to League One, one of the producers on Countdown, who happens to be a life-long Blackpool fan (who knew there two of them?) rigged the conundrum on one of the episodes to say: "PNECRISIS". Now I will leave you all to type those letters into an anagram solver....

Written by Tris Burke October 22 2018 06:16:18


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