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Sports Articles: Formula 1: USA Talking Points

Formula 1: USA Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 17 In Austin


1. Still a title to be decided! While it looks certain to eventually end up in Hamilton's hands, Mercedes inability to look after its tires cost them badly and Ferrari were able to capitalise.


2. Brilliant and well deserved victory for Raikkonen. So nice for him to finally get a win and to win on pure merit, rather than because others dropped out etc. Hopefully he can be the spanner in the works for the title run-in and get some more wins.


3. Nice to see 3 cars fully competitive with each other from different manufacturers. Let's hope that continues in the long term, with the Red Bulls, Ferraris and Mercedes actually all genuinely able to compete on a level playing field. Though it would be nice if they were able to actually close up enough for people to at least attempt overtakes.


4. Am I the only one worried by Sauber becoming, in effect, a Ferrari B team for next season? We already have a Red Bull B team in Toro Rosso, with cars that pretty blatantly get out of the way for the parent team. Customer cars also seem a 'little' easier to pass for the manufacturers team anyway. It is taking away from genuine racing, especially when you add in the blue flags.


5. At least we know why Ferrari's pace dropped off so markedly now, it was not just Mercedes moving forward, it was their new aero packages they introduced having a negative effect. Returning to their old package, pretty much the one they started the season with, has made them competitive again. Though they have lost the advantage they had.

Written by Tris Burke October 22 2018 11:36:17


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