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Football News: Top 10 Strikers

Top 10 Strikers
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Top 10 Strikers


The top 10 strikers has changed massively this year, as some of the ones that would usually have been straight in the top 5 have lost their way recently. There is a new generation of younger forwards, such as Marcus Rashford, closing in on a place in the top 10. If only he had been released from Jose Mourinho a bit sooner, he would no doubt have put himself into the 10 too. Kylian Mbappe is another who missed out, though that is because he mostly plays wide for PSG. I just hope I have not forgotten anyone else as, initially, I forgot to include Cristiano Ronaldo and Mohamed Salah of all people!


10. Edison Cavani - Paris Saint-Germain

Cavani has everything needed to be number 1 on the list apart from that little clinical edge needed to be a top 3 striker. He just misses too many chances. It also does not help that he is playing in such a weak league that it is easy for him and difficult to judge him against those playing in the other top 5 leagues. The fact that he manages to score shedloads of goals, despite being virtually at war with certain other members of his own team is a sign of his ability though.


9. Alexandre Lacazette - Arsenal

I struggle to understand why Lacazette is not the first name on the Arsenal team sheet each week, as he is the best striker they have by a long way. He is quick, powerful, links well, strong, makes good runs, works hard and scores goals. Maybe not as many goals as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but he is a much better player overall and helps the team score more goals.


8. Roberto Firmino - Liverpool

It actually feels unfair to have Firmino this low down the list, because, as an overall player and key component to a team, he would be in the top 3. For all his skills though, he just does not score the goals to put him higher up. He creates spaces for others, links the play, wins the ball back, creates chances but he is not the most clinical finisher, despite being able to score no-look goals. Even so, I would say that his form last season would have definitely placed him top 5, it is simply his early season lack of form that cost him a few places.


7. Cristiano Ronaldo - Juventus

Before this season any category Ronaldo was in that Messi was not would automatically mean Ronaldo would be number 1, however this season has changed things somewhat. While Ronaldo is still a dangerous goalscorer, he is not scoring with the same brutal efficiency as he did in Spain and he still does not offer much to the team other than goals. Ronaldo is still a great striker, but he is just not as great, so far at least, as he was.


6. Mauro Icardi - Inter Milan

The Argentinian is a truly exceptional striker, but he is a difficult character off the pitch, something which regularly causes genuine problems. Even more of a problem is his agent, the wife he stole off a former teammate, Wanda Nara, who is an extremely difficult character to deal with. If he could sort out the off field issues then he would move up a place or two, at least, in the list. As it is, the disruption caused by his off field baggage is massively holding back his career.


5. Antoine Griezmann - Atletico Madrid

The only thing holding Griezmann back from a higher place is his humungous ego, which leads him to think he is something greater than he is. Pace and skill are added to an ability to come up with a goal when it matters, plus a decent workrate should put him higher. When you are considering the very top of the tree players, the differences are so tiny that it takes very little to tip the balance and Griezmann's ego, culminating in that 'The Decision' video he involved himself in, is enough to drop him down the list.


4. Robert Lewandowski - Bayern Munich

In any other year he would be in contention for the number one spot, but this season he has looked off the pace and not quite himself. He still has a remarkable goal record, but it is not the Lewandowski that we have grown used to seeing. Maybe time has finally caught up to him or his weight issues are back? I am not sure, but he just is not at his best despite still scoring regularly.


3. Harry Kane - Tottenham Hotspur

More than just a goalscorer, Kane can be an excellent creative force, dropping off and becoming a playmaker. That is why he chose the number 10 to wear on his back, because he feels he is better in that creative role, rather than as an out-and-out striker. I think he is right, because when played as an outright goalscorer he can too greedy and waste possession hitting long range strikes when a pass would be the better choice. He also seems to have glass ankles and misses time each season with ankle injuries.


2. Mohamed Salah - Liverpool

The only reason I have gone for Salah as 2 is simply that he has not played as a central striker enough to be considered the best, yet. The goals are certainly there to deserve to be chosen as number one, but it is just that he has not done it season after season. He offers at least as much, I believe more, to the team than Kane, but outscores him, even when often playing out wide. There is no doubt in my mind he has the quality to be number one for years to come.


1. Sergio Aguero - Manchester City

Since the arrival of Pap Guardiola as his manager, and Pep's insistence that Aguero does more than just score goals, the Argentine has stepped up a level or two. He was an outstanding centre forward, now he is an outstanding centre forward who works hard for the team as well. The biggest problem with Aguero remains injuries, he picks up far too many of them. You can almost guarantee he will miss at least a couple of months of each season. A lot of that probably stems from his explosive acceleration that makes him such a good goalscorer though, so it is something that you just have to accept.

Written by Tris Burke February 02 2019 12:47:45


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