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Football News: Top 10 Right Wingers

Top 10 Right Wingers
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Top 10 Right Mids/Wingers


These lists are so hard to do, picking just 10 is hard. Even when you finally pick the 10, there is always the worry that you have forgotten someone that should be right up near the top!


10. Ousmane Dembele Barcelona

Dembele is very much typical of the modern winger, in that he is more of an inside forward looking to attack the penalty box, rather than hitting the byline and playing it across. Which is good for him as crossing is not a strength of his, while he is blisteringly fast and has good skill and a good shot. At the moment, a lot of what he has is still potential, but he has a lot of potential.


9. Raheem Sterling Manchester City

It feels odd picking such a limited player so high up, but he has begun to play to his strengths and negate his weaknesses, in the main. He still struggles to hit the ball cleanly, his striking technique is terrible and the sign of a player that has spent too much time ball juggling and doing flicks and tricks rather than learning how to kick a ball cleanly. That is why you would never ask him to take deadballs, he simply is not good at kicking a ball. What he does have is good skill, excellent close control, incredible acceleration and good pace, which makes him a danger to any opponent. His runs, both knowing where and when to run, have shown great improvement as well, it is just that his end product is inconsistent due to that poor technique.


8. Malcom Bordeaux

Any of these first three could really be interchanged, to be perfectly honest. I have gone with Malcom top of the trio because he is playing with worse team-mates and still looking on par, just about, with the other two. His striking technique is much cleaner than Sterlings as well.


7. Christian Pulisic Borussia Dortmund

Another young speedster with a lot of potential, but he has also shown a lot of quality in his play at times. Well advised by his family and seems to have a very mature head on his shoulders for one so young.


6. Cengiz Under AS Roma

The young Turk has been a revelation this season, playing a big part in Roma's progress to the Champions League semi-final. Roma have been careful not to overuse him as well, nurturing his talent well.


5. Arjen Robben Bayern Munich

The veteran Dutchman is still one of the best around. We all know what he is going to do, including the players facing him, he will cut inside on to his left foot and hit it into the far corner. Despite knowing that, no one is able to stop him doing it repeatedly throughout the season. Injuries may have robbed him of a little of his pace and acceleration, but he is still a potent attacking threat.


4. Gareth Bale Real Madrid

A few years ago he was probably clear as the 3rd best player in the world, but his time in the Spanish capital has not been kind to him. Injuries have affected his form and fitness severely. His attitude has upset the locals, especially as he still refuses to do interviews in Spanish. However the Welshman is still capable of moments of magic to win a game.


3. Kylian Mbappe Paris Saint-Germain

He may be playing second fiddle to Neymar Jr at PSG for now, but the French youngster's star is rising rapidly. Mbappe's style is reminiscent of Thierry Henry and that is extremely high praise.


2. Mohamed Salah Liverpool

The Egyptian has been gradually getting better as his career went on, but his move to Liverpool has sent his performances into another orbit altogether. The key for Salah now is to repeat that level again. Then do it again. If he can do that, then he will be contending for the title of best player in the world.


1. Lionel Messi Barcelona

Messi is just relentless. Every season he seems to develop his game to keep himself ahead of the rest, though he has played a lot less on the right this season. In fact I very nearly left him out of consideration because of the more central role he has adopted, but I thought he does still tend to drift out right enough, added to his recent past on the right, to be considered this time. Another season playing more central would change that though. For now though, he has every right to be crowned as the best right winger in the game.

Written by Tris Burke June 11 2018 10:17:28


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