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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Canada Talking Points

Formula 1: Canada Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 7 In Canada


1. I did not bother with one of these after Monaco because the race was so boring it was all I lost interest and ended up sat editing with my back to the TV. Sadly this race in Montreal followed the exact same pattern of tediousness, when it usually is a good one. If they cannot overtake here, then it really does not augur well for the rest of the season.


2. Mercedes desperately need that engine upgrade to make a difference as their chassis is lagging behind the rest. Overall the engines do all seem to have closed up as Honda are right in the mix now.


3. It would be a major surprise if Alonso did not decide to head off and look to get the Triple Crown at the end of the season. The McLaren is just not giving him any hope of being competitive. They claim they have the best chassis but they are way off the pace of the Red Bull which has the exact same engine package.


4. Verstappen really needed that. A nice clean race where he showed he can avoid a crash.


5. Something has to be done about these cars and their constant cruising round the track protecting tires or fuel. This has long stopped being a genuine drivers' championship, but it is not even being much of a race at all. Drivers are spending so much time nursing tires or fuel or avoiding overheating that they are not able to actually race.


6. Could they spread the three tire types out more to give strategic options? Each race should be one really fast but needs changing, a lot. One medium quick but only needs changing once or twice and one slow but can see out the race. They go into every race knowing a one stop is fastest so it removes any intrigue and removes most of the potential for a good strategy to make up for a slower car.


7. Would it be worthwhile to force them to fill up the cars a little more so that there is no underfilling and they can run flat out for the entire distance?


8. Overheating of tires, brakes and engines seems to be a real issue when cars do get close, as well as the aerodynamics issue. Maybe they should consider forcing the cars to run with more openings in the bodywork for cooling? Wider brake ducts and bigger air intakes as well might help.


9. Please, please, please stop with the celebrity flag wavers for the chequered flag! It is amateur stuff.

Written by Tris Burke June 10 2018 21:22:51


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