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Football News: Leeds United v Manchester United Review 17 July 2019

Leeds United v Manchester United Review 17 July 2019
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I'm not sure why people are surprised that Leeds United lost 4-0 today. I'm often accused of seeing the world through rose tinted Yorkshire glasses and I posted before the game that I thought we would concede a fair few Goals. Most posters have been berating the defensive capabilities of the team and our poor finishing, so how could it be a surprise!

It was a stupid idea to organise this friendly against Manchester United, never would have happened closer to home and made worse because it was in Australia. It looked like we were pretending to be something that at the moment we are clearly not and in the meantime turning what should have been a second pre season run out for these players into another grudge match against Manchester United that it never could be!

On top of all that we played largely the same team against two teams of players from one of the best premiership teams in the country.

The positives, a highly competitive friendly, really good workout for all the players and those who lasted the game.

Harrison, not sure how anyone can say his return isn't a good thing. Already looks a much better player than last year and super fit for this stage of preseason.

We showed some good attacking moves and play considering who we are up against and we still have quite a bit of attacking threat to add in there. Against Championship sides, I think we will attack well and score goals.

So onto the defence!

First thing to say is that it would be nice for Bielsa to explain what his plan is, in his own words. Selling, Pontus, Aappo, Paudie, and Kitching, discarding Shaunessy, deserves some explanation. And I'd like to hear that from him.

The Centre Backs get put under the microscope but any CBS would struggle in a system that often leaves them alone against 3/ 4 fast oncoming strikers! We might not have the best in the world but the system puts them under even more Pressure.

Let's not bury White before he gets going. Obviously James was a great spot and the failure was not getting him over the line, but we were onto him before others were. So let's give White a chance. Clearly he has been picked for a reason. Let his performances talk!

What we have learnt today is that we can't compete with teams at the top of the premier league particularly when we play Bielsa ball, but I guess we knew that already! And I'm the optimistic one!

Written by Spanishleeds July 17 2019 20:39:19


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