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Football News: Biggest problem with the Transfer Window

Biggest problem with the Transfer Window
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For me the biggest problem with the transfer window is the belief it installs in fans that any problem can just be solved with buying a player.

You'd think all these clubs would know better than to waste millions of pounds every year employing coaches, analysts and other backroom staff.

Everyone knows it's impossible for a team to get better with better coaching. Players don't improve. They are at a level and stay there for all their career, never getting better at their job.

I bet not a single one of us can hand on heart say we aren't any better at our jobs now than when we first started them. So why do we think it's impossible for our players to do so?

Why is the only solution to improving buying a bucket load of players?

Why is it impossible that our young squad should be unable to be better this season than last season? They have had a whole summer of preparation, training, learning, adapting and developing. There is a new style, one that might be more suited to their skill sets.

It is possible to solve a problem by changing the way the team plays.

Yes last season the Manchester United midfield got over run on many occasions. But why can't a change in tactics solve that? Why is it a case of only buying more players will solve it.

I think the reason our midfield got over ran a lot last season was because of the gap between our midfield and our forward line, added by a lack of viable passing options behind them. Add to that the side set up to invite pressure on them its quite clear a lot of the issues with being over ran were self inflicted due to our tactics.

With the side pressing higher, the defence playing higher and with viable passing options in our defence our midfield shouldn't be so isolated and vulnerable.

Imagine between having the ball, while the opposition are baring down on you. You look up and the forwards are 40 yards ahead of you, you look back and your only option is to pass to Smalling who is also 40 yards away from you.

Now imagine having the ball, the opposition are baring down on you, you look forward and see two options ahead of you within 20 yards, you look behind you and you have Maguire and Lindelof again within 20 yards, maybe you even have AWB and Shaw either side of you within 20 yards.

You stop a midfield being over run by giving the midfield passing options to allow them to pass the ball out.

No signings will dramatically improve the team without a change in tactics also. However, you can still improve the team by just improving the tactics.

Written by Shappy August 09 2019 18:42:10


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