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Football News: My take on the Chelsea vs Manchester United game

My take on the Chelsea vs Manchester United game
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My take on the Chelsea vs Manchester United game. I think for the majority of the game we dominated, especially in the first half. If Abraham's shot or Emerson's had gone in it would have been a much different outlook for the second half and maybe we wouldn't have been caught out chasing the game in the second half. There were also a couple of opportunities where Abraham and I think Barkley just needed to run into the box to tap crosses in.

Zouma unfortunately made a silly error with the tackle, there were I believe 4 chelsea players around Rashford so the tackle was completely unnecessary. He also looks to be extremely uncomfortable playing the ball. Hopefully it was just nerves and the big game and he'll be able to improve on that aspect.

Barkley for me wasn't great out on the left. He had some good moments when he drifted in to the no10 position but I definitely think it was a mistake to play him out wide. There was on point in the first half where he received the ball and had the entire left hand side of the field empty to run into and maybe cross, but instead he checked back allowing two Utd players to close him down and take the ball off of him. He doesn't have the required mindset to play out wide for me.

Abraham looked pretty good in the first half, certainly seemed promising that he could potentially over the season turn into our main striker. For those slating him and wanting Batshuayi in over him, Batshuayi has shown nothing in his loan spells (apart from the half season loan at BVB) to say he'll be able to score goals at a consistent enough rate for any team.

Dave was caught out and his lack of pace showed but it might have been the gun ho nature of how we were playing and he may not be at full fitness yet. I do worry about him though for the season.

Now in regards to Luiz, I dislike that he was sold to Arsenal but I do think it was a good move imo. This season was always going to be a transitional one, where we may end up missing out on the top 4. At 32 he probably would have still been able to contribute to the team but his leaving will allow our other CB's more time on the pitch to develop.

It seems as if he wasn't happy with his potential game time at Chelsea this season and at his age I don't blame him for wanting to move on to play regularly. I do hate that he went to Arsenal though. His leaving has also slightly lessened our issue in regards to squad registrations, although I believe we're still a couple players over that limit for the CL.

The United game for me overall showed promise. If we can become more clinical in front of goal and cut out a few silly mistakes, along with the return of players out injured, im quietly hopeful that we'll have a chance of the top 4.

Written by fuser August 13 2019 09:49:52


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