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Football News: Formula 1: Russia Talking Points

Formula 1: Russia Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 15 In Sochi


1. Leclerc Making It 4 Poles In A Row

The last Ferrari driver to do that was one Michael Schumacher. It is a significant sign of the balance of power shifting as Ferrari are getting their act together. The previous chaotic lack of organisation and terrible strategy calls seem to be a thing of the past and they are looking like a team capable of winning titles again.


2. Mercedes Taking A Gamble On Tyres

They knew they could not match Ferrari for outright pace so had to try something different. It looked initially like a mistake, with Hamilton and Bottas struggling off the line, but the safety car enabled them to make it work perfectly and it gave them a 1-2 that never looked probably at any point.


3. Vettel's Bizarre Race

He got off to a stonking start and took the lead and was putting in fastest lap after fastest lap, while the team were telling him to let Leclerc through. When they realised that he was taking as much notice of their instructions as he did when Red Bull were screaming 'Multi 21' down the radio at him a few years back, they came up with an excuse to keep Leclerc sweet about Hamilton being too close. Clearly they made sure to get Leclerc in front at the pit stops only for Vettel's car to conk out straight away. It was interesting that they favoured Leclerc and tried to give him the platform to win. Is it a taste of things to come or a race-by-race decision based on who qualifies highest?


4. Albon Recovery

After the furious reaction to yesterday's crash in qualifying, Albon's place in the Red Bull first team was in the balance. There was a lot of talk of him being replaced. Then he does that! From pit lane start in 20th to climb all the way up to 5th was an excellent drive. He has certainly given himself a very good chance of being a Red Bull driver next season now, he just has to keep it up. I know the Virtual Safety Car played into his hands, but you still have to take a chance when it comes your way, rather than binning it by pushing too hard.


5. Ferrari Front Wing

It seems Ferrari's new front wing, which has been in large part responsible for their jump in performance, has given the scarlet cars the problem that Mercedes used to suffer with in the past. They are much quicker than the rest in clean air, but the slightest disturbance and they struggle badly for pace. It took Mercedes a few seasons to figure out that problem, Ferrari will need to sort it much quicker if they are going to win titles.


6. Toro Rosso Name Change

It could get a little confusing next season as Red Bull's reserves are no longer going to be called Toro Rosso (which is just Italian for Red Bull anyway) but instead will take the name of a clothing brand owned by Red Bull. They will be Alpha Tauri, which could get confusing when they race up against Alfa Romeo as they did in this race!


7. McLaren Changing To Merc Power

Next season McLaren will change to Mercedes engines once more. They were with Merc before dumping them for Honda, which was a difficult period for the team, in large part due to Fernando Alonso's abrasive personality upsetting team and Honda. When they decided to move away from Honda for this season, they did speak to Merc about taking their engine, but they were not interested in supplying them at that time, as McLaren were so slow. They ended up with Renault, but they continued to work on getting back together with Mercs and clinched the deal now. Just at the time Ferrari moves ahead of them and both Honda and Renault catch up to Merc power. Is it the right choice? Well it is cheaper than Ferrari but they might have been better just sticking with the French engines.

Written by Tris Burke September 30 2019 08:40:55