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Football News: Observation of The Liverpool v Nottingham Forest Game

Observation of The Liverpool v Nottingham Forest Game

Afternoon all, hope everyone is in good form. Just my observation from yesterday's Liverpool v Nottingham Forest game.

We all know that Trent has been put into midfield to give much needed assistance to an area that we all know needs revamping big time, but I feel he has also been moved in there to take him out of the spotlight defensively. In order to play this formation you need 3 CBs on top of their game. Robertson is not a CB as we all know, but i thought he had a good game. Konate struggled with Awoniyi and Virgil is just a shell of his former self. We were very poor all over the Park and midfield again was non existent.

I'm sorry, but Hendo's demise in form is alarming to say the least and although I love the guy for how hard he's worked to be successful and for his leadership qualities, but it's time for him to step aside. He can only be a bit part player going forward if we want this team to get back to where it was last season. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot more wrong with this team than just Hendo. Fabs is in the same boat and if the centre of your team is so poor then the rest will suffer as it has all season.

I didn't see the press much at all yesterday, Klopp must have been looking at a different game. I thought we were extremely poor if I'm honest and were lucky in the end to get the 3 points.

All yesterday told me is that Leeds are absolutely shocking and will do well to stay up and that great win last Monday night just papers over the cracks in what has been a complete disaster of a season. Those thinking that we can go on and win our last 7 games and see what happens are kidding themselves. We are still all over the shop and even with most of our players returning from injury, we don't seem to be any stronger or solid as a team. I honestly can't wait for the season to end as its been complete torture at times. Our performances have been so poor and frustrating it just boils your blood.

Ok, we will strengthen in the summer, but how much will we have to spend and who will we get for our buck? We need at least 1 RB, 1 CH and 2 if not 3 for midfield. Do I think we'll get them all, nope probably not. It will be something like; we'll make Arthur's move permanent, give Milner an extra year and maybe buy 1 other for midfield. Only time will tell, so we will just have to wait and see I guess.

Anyways, enjoy what's left of the weekend lads and we go again on Wednesday night against the Hammers who are fighting for their lives. Let's see how much fight we have in us. It would be a great result to get 3 points there, but our performances need to improve drastically for that to happen imo.


Written by NOTSOZIPPY April 23 2023 17:50:01


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