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Football News: Please Get These Current Owners Out Of Leeds United

Please Get These Current Owners Out Of Leeds United

Potentially Leicester is our biggest game in recent times.

The rumour that Victor Orta is dictating what team Leeds United play is terrifying and depressing in equal measures. However it has to be said, performance wise, we are the poorest performing side in the bottom six especially in the last three games.

Compare Saints at Arsenal with ourselves at Fulham, I honestly do not believe there was any intent to win that game. If there was, it didn't show and I believe the objective was to snatch a point.

Yesterday, West Ham only had roughly 30% possession against Bournemouth and had similar amounts of goal attempts in 18, but had 10 on target, scoring four times, securing not only three points, but the massive confidence boost it gave their whole team. Declan Rice, all their players were like men possessed.

In our MUST win game against the mighty Fulham over some 98 minutes from 10 chances, TWO attempts on target.

In our camp, Weston McKennie strolls around the pitch clearly overweight and totally disinterested, but gets a booking a game to ensure his imminent ban and additional burger time.

His USA teammate, Tyler Adams is currently sending snaps back from Lake Como in Italy whilst he holidays with his partner. I get he's injured, but what does that tell you about these player's commitment to our club and supporters. Think this could happen under Marcelo Bielsa?

I'm a fully paid up member of the rose tinted club and until it's no longer mathematically possible to stay up, i recognise there remains a chance and will continue to support Leeds as I have always done.

But, this recent period of Jesse Marsch and these last few games with not a single message of support or even a sorry from the Leeds hierarchy is for me on a par with the Dave Hockaday era, when as Leeds fans we were derided.

Everything Bielsa achieved (as much off the pitch as on it) has been torn up and thrown away, and is now just a fading memory.

Fight, effort, a determination to win playing the right way, flowing attacking football by out running, out working your opponents was the minimum required under Bielsa.

And irrespective of how the season finishes, please get these current owners out of my club in the hope we can once more have a team and manager we can be proud of again.

I think Wrexham fans are justly prouder of their side this season and yet the only difference is the billions and billions of pounds between the respective divisions.

Written by Classof92 April 24 2023 13:23:51


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