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Football News: What Rangers Needs To Change Going Forward Next Season

What Rangers Needs To Change Going Forward Next Season

This is just my personal opinion of the current Rangers squad and what needs to change going forward for next season.

First off let's start playing players in their correct position and bring back the attacking 'Tiki Taka' that won us the league unbeaten.

Keep or Re-sign:

McCrorie, Tavernier, Devine, Goldson, Souttar, Helander, King, Barisic, Yilmaz, Raskin, Kamara, Cantwell, Hagi, Lowry, Kent, Lawrence, Matondo, Morelos, Sakala, Roofe.

Sell or Release:

McGregor, McLaughlin, Davies, Lundstram, Jack, Arfield, Davis, Ofoborh, Tillman, Wright, Colak.


Lovelace, Yfeko to the first team squad.

Sign / Buy:

GK - Christian Walton - 1st choice.
MID - Gilmour and Cifuentes.
ATT - Olaru.

If Tillman stays on an extended loan, let him have a crack as CF. That could be his most dangerous position as when we play him deep he disappears.

Selling Davies, Lundstram, Wright, Colak alone gets us the tidy sum of 18.5 mill euros aka 16 mill pound. That is plenty to fix the squad up, not to mention the freed up wages. From the released and sold players, we could be looking at around 25-30 mill pounds to fix the squad and get a decent medical team in to avoid the injury build ups we have seen of recent - which is shocking.

And once that's all done, let's see Rangers again as this was Beale's tactics under Gerrard 4-3-3 aka the Christmas tree formation as it's widely known in tactical terms.

After a solid season then we can go in and finish off the much needed surgery to our dire as heck current squad / tactics.

Big expensive squads are not necessary to win leagues - Chelsea are a prime example of this. Gerrard's squad was assembled for less than 50 mill, a lot less in fact, yet we challenged and beat teams in Europe worth 350 mill to 500 mill using superior tactics.

Most of that squad are still at the club and Beale has no excuse to not be doing that again with the current squad. I would expect no less by the start of next season, if not sooner.

Advocaat done it - Gerrard done it - Gio done it - So why can't Beale? There is no plausible excuse for us not to be shredding teams and finishing them off with clinical tactical superiority.

Had the same tactics been employed yesterday in the Aberdeen game where we had something like 80% possession in the first half, we would have destroyed Aberdeen in the first 30 minutes, but instead we played 'passy passy' back pass, and got punished on the counter attack twice.

Utter garbage tactics we are employing at the moment considering the technical ability and talent we have available in the squad.

Mon the Gers Intae These Fanny's ;)

Written by LAUDRUPHAGI April 24 2023 20:11:17


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