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Football News: Allo Allo! Herr Flick As Next Liverpool FC Manager?

Allo Allo! Herr Flick As Next Liverpool FC Manager?

'Allo 'Allo!

With Klopp, sadly, set to leave at the end of the season, immediately after his announcement, the media and bookies have wasted no time in compiling a list of managers touted as his possible replacement. And it does not really inspire a single ounce of confidence in me.

Now don't get me wrong, I love Xabi Alonso as much as the next person. I was gutted when he left the way he did. I adored Rafa and he could do almost no wrong in my eyes, but the way he did Xabi is maybe the one blot on his Liverpool Football Club (LFC) career for me. As good as Xabi is and the trajectory his career is on, I still have my doubts about him. He should be LFC manager one day, but for me, not from this summer.

He should be allowed to grow more as a manager in a less pressured environment, like where is now and then in 2 or 3 seasons, based on how well he's done there, he should come. I get the romance behind it and how it's more an emotionally charged choice, but the last thing I want is for him to take the task on to soon and allow it to destroy him, like Gerrard jumped ship at Glasgow Rangers way too early and look at him now.

The other names are all a big no no for me. Some like De Zerbi, their playing style suits ours, but then I feel the character and personality of the manager would not suit LFC. And then also like Xabi, some of these guys have not really achieved all that much in their careers. It's either relatively short, or they've not won much.

One name surprisingly not being mentioned, is one that many on this site have touted a good couple of months before Klopp's shock announcement. And I cannot believe that Jose Mourinho makes this bookies/ media list, but this guy, who I believe will be a good fit, his name is never in this conversation.

Ladies and gentlemen - Hansi Flick.

He dominated club football with Bayern not too long ago. Won multiple trophies with them had a much more successful season than us with Bayern when somehow Klopp won the Coach Of The Year Award over him. He has experience at the very top level and like Klopp, has won all the top prizes elite club football has to offer. He has been at a big a club and knows how to handle the PRESSURE. He is still relatively young and is round about Klopp's age. He is German (lol). Flick has also been around the block long enough, to not only experience the highs of management, but just recently experienced very bad lows with Germany, so he knows what it's like to be in adverse situations which can only build a man's character.

Now granted, he failed with them, but I personally don't count international football as anything special anyway (hate watching it, not bothered about it at all really). So I give him a pass on that.

Along with all the experience he boasts, the thing that puts him number 1 on my list is that his style of football is similar to ours. And that is the biggest key for me. The way Klopp has set this team up for the future and the way our side is playing, I would hate to see anyone come in and rip that play book up.

If Xabi comes in and wants to play the way Leverkusen plays, tactically, there would be bigger changes than with Flick. For example, we play with wide forwards but he likes to play 2 attacking mids out there that sit a little bit deeper than our guys. His formation is also quite different to ours, so some players might have to go if they don't fit the system, while Xabi brings his own in. I'm not saying the changes Xabi would bring won't work, but for me personally, I would love to see the next manager come in and just continue with what we're doing, maybe with some minor tweaks here and there, which I believe Flick would do.

I just feel with Xabi, the change would be bigger and maybe the squad would take more time to adapt to it before we're challenging at the top. Whereas with Flick, it would be more like a hand in glove kinda fit and we can continue building on the momentum Klopp has put us on.

That said, this is all ifs and buts. At the same time, Xabi could also come in and be an instant success and likewise, Flick could fail dismally. But I do still feel he should be in the conversation, at least in my mind, for top consideration.

Would really love to hear your thoughts on Herr Flick as a possible candidate for being our new manager and also your thoughts on how you compare Xabi to him, how they stack up against each other, who you feel would be a better fit.

Written by Eeko87 February 01 2024 22:38:31


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