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Football News: Current Take On Nottingham Forest

Current Take On Nottingham Forest

Haha, the Nottingham Forest rumours site lol, I've just had a read of a few pages and guess that's enough to detect the current drum beat. Role reversals, more rods than a nuclear plant and more contradictions than the old term, 'New Labour'.

Scattergun, I'm afraid it is. It's not worth even debating. Sangare 35 million and 10, maybe more, who simply should not have been signed.

Murillo - our goals in is dreadful since he came in the side - just saying.

The defence, however, have no confidence in the scattergun goal keepers we have signed. We will get relegated because of it.

Onto the coach, I know it's a wind up most of the time, but for the best fans in the world not to give him a chance isn't good.

Should we have sacked Steve Cooper? - not a chance for me and I'll tell you why. The points deduction has been on the cards for a while, we've known about it. We knew we had broken the rules in the summer. We were only likely to scrape survival in the Premier League with no deduction. There's no chance with one.

Surely Cooper was better equipped to bring the club back up first time? Surely he was? Nuno Espirito Santo is unlikely to fancy the Championship League, so we will be back to square one, I'm afraid.

Getting rid of Cooper has killed the atmosphere. It's not Nuno's fault, but it has. I actually reckon Cooper would have won as many games as Nuno and we wouldn't be needing to score 4 to win, bus or no bus.

It's my belief that Evangelos Marinakis believed that Nuno would amass more points than Cooper was capable of and we would weather the storm. It's highly unlikely that will happen. That belief is linked to what's actually wrong at Nottingham Forest, the owner simply won't recognise the faults of others.

In his head, we've signed a top half team and it's the manager / coach who's not delivering the goods. It'll be a tough gig for the football club while ever that ideology exists. On the face of it, everything is there to establish ourselves as a bottom half Premier League team. There is no hope of that with the current ways of being.

None of this is Nuno's doing though, he deserves our support until he (probably) goes at the end of the season. So I'll say it again, that on balance, sacking Cooper was absolute folly, but not supporting the new manager is worse as if we did - he might just get the bug and give the Championship a go. Careful what you wish for, I hear many say. Something I agree with wholeheartedly. It's worth listening to your own words.

See ya and enjoy your bickering.

Written by 2Stars February 12 2024 15:18:11


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