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Football News: Players Currently Linked With Glasgow Rangers

Players Currently Linked With Glasgow Rangers

Because I'm bored and not doing much, I thought I'd talk about the players linked with Glasgow Rangers. Some you can tell just from the way they play that there is at least some interest for me. If anyone wants to join in, then cool or tell me why I'm wrong, that's cool too. Just don't be snide because there is no need for it. As I definitely don't think anyone really will agree.

My favourite is Thomas Galdames. From what I've seen in the scouting reports, I actually think this player could change everything for us. People will say he's too small at 6 foot to be our LCB, but he's not exactly small either. But what he lacks in height he makes up for and then some is his aggression. Quite often you'll see him out jump someone bigger than him. But for me, the best part is when he goes for a run with the ball from far back, essentially becoming an extra attacker right into the box of the opponent, which causes havoc. I think this player changes us. Although I think the next player I'm about to talk about would fill in for Galdames when he runs up the park.


Damien Garcia, now this guy is very highly rated, so highly, I'm not sure we get him. Was a very key player when his country won the under 20s World Cup. For his age, he's a very good footballer and knows how to play a CDM role to perfection. Would make us massive profit if all goes well, but my fear on this is it too early in his life to be leaving South America. A Really good player tho.

Adama Troare, this guy is 28, but I don't see us just buying sellable players with no experience. He had an injury last year, but it's nowhere near as bad as what some say. Maybe because they are confusing him with other Troare's around because there is more than one. I think this guy's best quality is his sheer number of goals he scores from the right. A Great finisher and I believe he'll make us more dangerous up top. Some of this guy's goals are insane, personally I don't think we will try to sign him, but I'd like it.

Albion Rrahmani now I see people have compared him to Aberdeen's Miovski, personally I don't see it. I think this guy is a better footballer than Miovski. The easy way to know that is when you see him do something that the other can't do. I like the player from what I've seen but doesn't jump out to me, though. We need to buy a striker and think this guy is as good as we may be able to get for the price, or supposed price. With Roofe's wages freed up, I can see why they'd pick this guy.

There are loads of other links, but these are the guys I'd like. Provisionally at this stage. With Galdames and Garcia the 2 most watched by me. Right now it's just speculation, which maybe not even correct I know this. I thought for fun I'd play with the names, it's silly season after all.

Written by MrRangers87 June 08 2024 10:34:24


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