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Sports Articles: Formula 1: France Talking Points

Formula 1: France Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 8 In Paul Ricard


1. McLaren Qualifying

Is this is a sign of McLaren's resurgence? 5th and 6th, right up there with the Red Bulls and ahead of Vettel, it was a real boost to the team at the very least. They do seem to be making strides forward, despite probably having the worst engine now.


2. Honda Engine Upgrade

Was it the engine or the driver that made the difference between Gasly and Verstappen? Gasly is so much slower than Verstappen it is difficult to know what difference the upgrade made. If any. Christian Horner suggested it was purely about reliability and the next upgrade will be a power boost.


3. Yawn!

What a boring race on a dreadful track. It offers nothing to Formula 1 other than headaches from the stupid paint scheme on run off areas. What idiot thought it was a good idea to race on a track like this? If F1 wants to be the pinnacle of motor racing, surely it should be the best drivers driving the best cars around the best tracks? Instead it is all about which crappy track can offer the most money.


4. Fastest Lap

I am really not sure it offers anything in terms of racing. I thought it might do something of interest, but it is just pointless. Well not literally pointless. It is just not adding anything to the spectacle sadly.


5. Hamilton's Scorched Arse

I wonder how many of the others had a similar problem of the seat heating up so much it scorched the arse of the driver? Hamilton actually had a mark on the back of his race overalls from where the car bottomed out on bumps and caused heat to rise in the cockpit with the skid block heating up.


6. Title Over?

Four wins in a row for Hamilton is pretty much it for the season now unless there is a miraculous turnaround from either Ferrari or Bottas. Neither seems even slightly possible. Bottas just does not have the edge needed and Ferrari are too much of a mess within the team. The race may turn out to be whether McLaren can catch Red Bull before the season finishes. Especially when they were expecting this track to be one they would struggle on and still did so well, though Norris was unlucky right at the end.


7. How Does Hamilton Do It?

He is becoming like a throwback to the old days when racers would just turn up and race. He is off at fashion shows and whatever else he wants to do, then arrives last to the circuit only to destroy the other drivers in dominant performance after dominant performance. It must be soul destroying for those that are there working with the mechanics so hard to catch him and just find themselves left watching his exhausts disappear off into the distance.

Written by Tris Burke June 23 2019 15:56:45