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Football News: Thoughts on Manchester United Football Club

Thoughts on Manchester United Football Club
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So, David de Gea (DDG) isn't going to sign a new deal unless he earns 350k per week. That sets a dangerous precedent. Also I have serious concerns about him long term as a goalkeeper. I think he could end up going down the Casilias route of declining earlier than most goalkeepers. The only attribute he has that is world class is his shot stopping, his passing is average, his positioning is suspect at times, he isn't great at commanding his area, communicating with his defence or dealing with high balls. His only world class attribute entirely depends on his reflexes, which as he ages will be the first thing to decline. He's been a phenomenal keeper for us, but I think it's time to move on. Dean Henderson could be our Keeper for the next 10-15 years. So I would sell DDG while we can recoup something for him and move on.

Dimitri Mitchell was excellent during his first loan spell and suffered with injuries during his second. However, the reason I would keep him in the squad for next season is simply that Shaw is our only specialist LB. With only Dalot or Young as cover. I think it makes sense to keep a talented, inexpensive young player who is a specialist in that position until either he proves himself or we can bring in competition for Shaw next summer.

Diop isn't a name I would have thrown out there 3 months ago. Although I had been impressed by him this season. However, I do feel there is a serious lack of genuine other options available and within a certain budget. Maguire would be an expensive mistake, Koulibaly just isn't an option when we need to sign several players. That really leaves Dias who I think is excellent but would take a year to settle, Milenkovic or Diop both have great potential. Out of those three Diop makes most sense, he isn't an untested player in the EPL like Dias or Milenkovic and he should be able to slot in much quicker. He seems like the least risky option and with a poor defence we need to sign the least risky options.

As for our attack, we would have Mata, Lingard, Maddison, James, Rashford, Martial, Haller and Greenwood. I think they would be good enough. Mata currently has one of the best combined goal and assist ratios in the EPL, Maddison created more chances than anyone else in the EPL last season and more than Messi. James has pace which always creates chances.

Martial looks like he is taking next season seriously if his pre pre-season training is anything to go by. Haller is statistically one of the best creative forwards in Europe's top five leagues last season. Rashford has proven in spells to be a potentially great striker and Greenwood is one of the most promising young strikers in world football.

Also without UCL football, and with the need to sign at least 5 first team ready signings is there really the budget available to sign one of the established "world class" strikers and will they really want to come to Manchester United or will they see it as a big pay day until they can move to Spain? Icardi would be a disaster, Dybala apparently wants to move elsewhere. Beyond them who else is even available?

Haller scored 20 goals and got 14 assists last season. He wins everything in the air and would therefore provide us with a genuine aerial threat in the box. He is also adept with hold up play and can bring others into the game.

Written by Shappy June 22 2019 19:03:22


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