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Sports Articles: Formula 1: Germany Talking Points

Formula 1: Germany Talking Points
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Formula 1: Things To Think About After Race 11 In Hockenheim


1. Toto's Prediction

Before the weekend began, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff had predicted the weekend would be a disaster for Mercedes as they had so much on the race. It was the 125th anniversary of their first ever race win, 200th Grand Prix, wearing the fancy dress and sponsoring the race. Wolff believed it was all set up for them to fail and it turned out he was right!


2. Mercedes Livery

Maybe it was just me, but one of those things that Toto had said would end up being why they lost looked really nice. The new livery, with the white nose, instead of the usual silver, I really liked it.


3. Ferrari Qualifying

Another absolute disaster of their own making. Reliability issues are not luck, they are down to build quality, so you have to say it is their own fault they were not able to challenge for pole, as they should have. The pace was there in practice, but they failed to turn that into anything at all for Vettel and just 10th for Leclerc. They really have to start getting things right sooner rather than later!


4. The Start

What on earth was the point of all those laps under the safety car? It was nothing like wet enough to require the ridiculous amount of caution and just wasted a few racing laps spent trailing around behind the safety car.


5. Verstappen's Start

He made a complete hash of that start, it also cost his team-mate badly as he was boxed in behind him. In the end it did not matter, but he will not always be so lucky. You have to wonder how it could be so bad in these days of computerised starts.


6. Wet Weather Tyres

The new wet weather tyres did not work at all, probably because it was not wet enough by the time they were allowed to actually race. All of which just shows how pathetic a decision it was to make them start behind the safety car.


7. Punishments

I am struggling to understand how the punishments are decided. Leclerc was released into the path of another car, which had to slam on the brakes and lost time, so affecting Grosjean's race significantly but Ferrari were only fined. Hamilton crossed behind the bollard into the pit lane which did not affect anyone else's race, but he was given a time penalty. How does that make sense? I fail to understand the logic. Personally I think both should have just been fined. Hamilton's punishment cost him even a chance of going for a win when Mercedes failed to pit him because of the time penalty.


8. Tyre Strategies

This race seemed to come down to luck almost as much as a clever strategy, though I suppose picking the right time to pit is clever strategy. It certainly helped Albon and Stroll, who were nowhere until their final stops. I was just thinking how embarrassing it was for the boss's son to be struggling so badly when his team-mate had been up there challenging when they made the stop that changed everything.


9. Kvyat!

How well did he do? He and Albon in the Toro Rossos seemed to have genuine pace to be there on merit, as did the McLarens, who were unlucky not to get a good result. With Red Bull improving, this season is looking like it is getting better and better. The teams are all catching up to Mercedes, making it closer and closer.


10. Vettel's Rise

Yes he had a lot of help from conditions and cars dropping out, but coming up from 20th on the grid to second is still fantastic driving. He could have easily ended up dropping it by pushing it too hard, as he has done a few times this season. Instead he kept it together, even when he his progress slowed, kept within the limits of the car and trusted in the speed of that Ferrari to get him up the standings. A brilliant drive, one of his best ever.


11. Rain

Please, please, please can we have more rain! The racing always improves when rain is added.

Written by Tris Burke July 29 2019 04:37:52