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Football News: English Premier League 2019/2020 top 6 teams prediction

English Premier League 2019/2020 top 6 teams prediction
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Banda English Premier League 2019/2020 top 6 teams prediction:

1. Manchester City - will pickup from where they left last season . They showed hunger against Liverpool in the charity shield. Replacing the aging Fernandinho with Rodrigo will give city the tenacity and much needed cover in the middle of the park. With KDB back to his best, I expect city to outscore and outplay almost everyone. Can KDB stay injury free the whole season? Mmm, but if he does, he is my pick for player of the season. Am I saying city won't be beaten? Far from it. However If they lose it won't be enough for them to lose the league. City desperately want to win the CL and if they concentrate too much on it, they must be careful not to slip-up in the league. Total points: 90 top goal scorer: Aguero, player of the season: KDB. They might win a treble again!

2. Liverpool - would be city's biggest rivals yet again. Pundits are going on and on about their lack of activity in the transfer window. Even if they had bought, Klopp rarely uses new signings the season they arrive. He believes players must be given time to settling in and understand the team's philosophy before they start being regulars in the team. This season we might see Keita and OX contributing more if both can stay fit. Personally, I think Klopp should have added another attack minded player to give the team a different outlet from the midfield. Is the unproven academy striker Brewster a suitable replacement for Sturridge? Can he provide the much needed cover for the strikers? Time will tell. But I'll trust klopp on this one. Position to position, city is still ahead of Liverpool. Liverpool owners desperately want to win the league and will give Klopp all the resources to achieve. Expect a player to be signed in January! Total points: 85 top goal scorer: Salah , player of the season: Salah. Maybe an FA cup win?

3. Spurs - will be right in the mix for the top position. They have bought well and retained their best players. They feel they should have won the CL and are currently confident of beating any team based on how they played against Real Madrid recently. If Harry Kane can stay fit, then he is in contention for the golden boot. Spurs will likely win all their games against lesser (weaker) teams, but I still feel they lack the consistency and experience to go one and win the league. New players take time to settle in and that might have a negative effect on the performance of the team. Despite this, I expect them to hit the ground running. What we see now is a mature spurs team with enough depth to challenge in all competitions. Total points: 83, top goal scorer: Kane, player of the season: Kane. League cup win?

4. Arsenal - Spent the most and wisely too. They have added to their already great and potent strike force a creative midfielder and a world-class winger (Pepe) . Signing David Luiz to solve their defensive woes was a masterstroke and kudos to their scouting team. He might not be the best out there but he is definitely better than what they had last season. He will be suited to the way Arsenal play and will help organise their defense and start attacks from the back. For me, they now have one of the best strike force in the league and their best defense might actually be their attack. Total points: 79 top goal scorer: Aubameyang, player of the season: Aubameyang

5. Chelsea - are a team in transition once again . New coach new philosophy. The transfer ban will affect them greatly. And losing a top player in hazard without replacement has weakened them. I'm however excited by the addition of Pulisic. A midfield trio of Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic is very decent and will cause rivals problems . Lampard is not new to the club and is going to try and continue with their rich history of winning cups every season. One piece of advise for Lampard, play Kante in his natural position. Chelsea will want to stay in the top 4 to enable them to attract top quality players once the transfer ban is lifted . Total points: 77 top goal scorer: Giroud ( if he is played) , player of the season: Pulisic

6. Man united - everyone expected this to be the season they outspend everyone and build a title winning team. It didn't happen and might not happen anytime soon. But they bought well in my opinion. Man united supports must give Ole a chance to build the team while spending wisely and buying players that suit their style of play. No more need to buy over priced, overhyped and aged players who do not fit the team's system. The addition of Wan Bissaka and Maguire will give them stability at the back. If the team defends well, they give themselves a chance to win matches or at least not to lose them. Expect them to start challenging next season. Total points: 75 top goal scorer: Rashford, player of the season: De Gea

Dark Horses

These might not win the league but will usually have a say on who wins it.

1. Wolves (great team and will continue to upset teams in the top six)
2. Everton (great window and great team spirit)

Team of the Season-including subs for each position

1. Allison/ Ederson/ De Gea
2. Walker/ TAA/ Bissaka
3. VVD/ Maguire/ Luiz
4. Laporte/ Stones/ Gomez
5. Robertson/ Rose/ Shaw
6. Rodrigo/ Fabinho/ Kante
7. Pogba/ Erikson / Keita
8. KDB/ Silva/ David Silva
9. Sterling/ Mane/ Sane
10. Salah/ Pepe/ Pulisic
11. Kane/ Aubamayang/ Aguero

Formation 4 3 3
Coach : Pep/ Klopp/ Pochettino
Let the best team win.

Written by Banda August 12 2019 09:26:56


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